We have selected some of the most Frequent Asked Questions which we think will be very helpful to you. If you do not find the information you are looking for, please contact us and we can assist you.

1. Do your products damage my wall?
Absolutely not. Our stickers and wallpapers are made from a fabric with a removable pressure-sensitive adhesive on the back. It sticks very gently and peels off easily without damaging the wall or leaving any residue. It's perfect for tenants renting appartments/houses as the stickers don't damage the wall or leave any glue when removing.

2. How do I apply my stickers?
It's so simple. Simply peel and stick them on the wall. 
Make sure your wall is clean and good conditions for installation.
Our products come with an Application Instructions, but you can also download it here if you need to.

3. Prepare the wall for stickers
We suggest a "standard" wall preparation.
Make sure the wall is in good and clean condition before applying the stickers, wallpaper or murals. It's important there is no dust.
Remove: Dust, Blu-Tack and hooks. 

4. How do I remove my wallpaper or sticker properly?
Removing wallpaper and some decals is easy. However for some texts and intricate designs this may not be possible.

You will need your tube and backing paper, as we recommend to keep. If you do not have them, you can purchase more backing paper from us.

How-to: First clean very well your hand and remove any oil or cream from hands. Remove decals gently off the wall and place them onto the backing paper, then they can be rolled up with graphics facing out and store in a box, in a dry place. Make sure they are not bent and the box can fit them nicely. They can stay like that for several months, depending on how the wall was when you first applied them on. Avoid as much as you can touching the glue of the decals or wallpapers


5. Can I re-use my wall stickers or wallpaper?
Yes, you can. However for some text and intricate designs this may not be possible. We recommend you keep your original tube and backing paper. If you do not have them, you can purchase more from us. 

How-to: First, wash your hands thoroughly and remove any oil or cream from your hands. Remove decals gently off the wall and place them onto the backing paper, then they can be rolled up with graphics facing out and store in a box, in a cool dry place. Make sure they are not bent and the box can fit them nicely. They can stay like that for several months, depending on how the wall was when you first applied them on. Avoid touching the glue of the decals or wallpapers.

    6. There is a window or door within the wall
    You may wonder if you need to order full width or use off-cuts around doors or windows. Please contact us and we will assist you with the most cost-effective way to order your wallpaper and we can design around those fixtures, depending on the design you choose.

    7. How wide is the wallpaper supplied?
    Our wallpaper strips are supplied in 65cm wide.

    • 65cm wide wallpapers make installation much easier for handling.
    • Each strip is laid next to each other and the panels are numbered, so it make your installation easy.
    • There should be no wasted wallpaper

    Please be aware that due to our printing process, wallpaper panels purchased at different times may not match the exact colour from previous purchased wallpaper panels. We suggest you order what you need for each wall all at once. If you not sure about the quantity or how to order, please contact us, as we will be happy to help you.

    8. How do I work out how many panels I need for my wall? 
    Now you know the wallpaper comes in 65cm wide.
    All you need to do is the work out how many 65cm wide panels you need to cover your wall side to side, or the area desired.
    If you are going to measure multiple walls, then you can number each wall, check the height to see they are the same, and make notes of each wall width x height.


    9. What heights are available for wallpaper? 
    STICKERS FACTORY wallpaper panels are available in 4 heights:
    2.50m  |  2.80m  |  3.10m  |  3.80m
    These heights will cover standard wall heights plus allow some extra in case the walls are not perfectly levelled or straight. 

    If you need some assistance, please contact us.

    10. What are Australian standard WALL HEIGHTS for wallpaper?
    Please see below for general wall height standards:
    Standard wall heights in AUS
    2.4m  |  2.7m  |  3.0m  |  3.65m

    11. What are International standard WALL HEIGHTS? 
    Standard wall heights in the USA
    7 ft. 9″ (236cm)  |  8 ft. (243.8 cm)  |  9 ft. (274.3 cm)  |  10 ft. (304.8 cm)  |  11 ft. (335.3 cm)  |  12 ft. (365.8 cm)
    Standard wall heights in the UK
    2.3m (7 ft. 65″)  |   2.4m (8 ft.)  |   2.5m (8 ft. 2″)  |  2.6m (8 ft. 6″),
    12. How do I send large files for printing?
    We usually use a cool website called www.wetransfer.com
    It’s free and easy.

    13. Can I use your wallpaper or sticker as a splashback?
    Unfortunately, no. Our standard material we supply for walls are not recommended for splashbacks. We CAN supply the correct material for splashback projects and different applications. Please contact us here for more information.

    14. Can I use your wall stickers on wall painted with Dulux Wash&Wear?
    Unfortunately we don't recommend it. Although our fabric removable wall media can stick in almost any surface, we do not recommend to use on top of this type of paint or similar. They are designed to be easily cleaned, which means no dust or dirty would stick well. This means that maybe our stickers and wallpaper won't bond well with the wall. We have had in instance where it stuck successfully, but still we do not recommend. 

    15. Can I order a FREE SAMPLE to test on my wall?
    Yes, you can! Simply enter your details here and we will send you a free sample, so you can try them on your wall and make sure it works well.

    16. Can I use the stickers on a FRIDGE?
    Yes, our products would surely adhere to a fridge. However, as the surface isn't like an interior wall, they will not withstand being scrubbed with solvent cleaners, such spray and wipes. Optionally, we can supply you with the correct media to stick on your fridge, or even wrap it with a really cool design. Simply contact us and we will help you with that.

    17. Do you offer full colour printed on removable wallpaper?
    Yes, we do. However, we have some trouble printing full colour with a nice and consistent finish – it would often print some lines across the graphics that are slightly different tones. It's not high definition photo quality.  
    Light colours would not be a problem.

    18. How long will the stickers or wallpaper last before we put them on a wall?
    It depends on how the stickers or wallpaper is stored.
    If they are kept as we send it, sealed with end caps on, in a cool dry place, then they could last for several years, perhaps 8 years.

    19. How do you apply or install our products?
    You can download our Application Instructions here.

    • Preparing the wall (plasterboard):
      Remove: Dust, blu-tack and hooks.
      Make sure the surface is clean and smooth for great application results.
      Painted walls: we recommend with undercoat and two top coats. If walls are newly painted, we also recommend to wait about 2 weeks to outgas before any sticker application.
      Walls must be dry, internal and free of any dust.
      Once your surface is well prepared, then you can begin the installation process. 
    • Bricks and Rendered Surfaces
      Please contact us for more information about these kind of walls.
    • Glass and Mirror Surfaces
      Remove dust, fingerprints, blu-tack, hooks and fixtures that prevent a smooth finish.
    • Applying Simple Stickers:
      Check with your order, there will be Application Instructions to follow.
      Peel decals from the backing paper and stick them to the wall.
      Avoid touching the glue with fingers.
      To reposition them, simply lift an edge and peel them off the wall gently.
    • Applying Larger Stickers
      For larger stickers it is required some special instructions to avoid damaging the stickers. See below:
      1. Cut around all pieces, or just the larger ones, to make it easier to manage.
      2. Place the decal against the wall with graphics facing the wall, then peel back the backing paper about 15cm, exposing some sticky side of the sticker.
      3. Turn it over and now place the sticker on the wall and start applying gently from top to bottom. Keep holding the sticker against the wall.
      4. As you apply the stickers onto the wall, you can pull down the backing paper from behind as you go, until all backing paper comes off and the sticker is fully applied

      For more detailed information, please download our PDF for Installation Instructions.

      20. What are the sticker materials made of?
      Our removable wall stickers is the same material as our removable wallpaper.
      It’s a polyester fabric with adhesive on the back. It has a nice matte and soft finish and sometimes there are few frays at the edges.
      The adhesive at the back is clear, does not smell and will not go hard over time. The material is designed not to damage the wall or leave any residue when  removed.
      We do stock other materials, but for specialty projects only.
      For more information, please contact us.

      21. What types of walls do your products work on?
      We offer few different types of materials, depending on the purpose or project.
      There are:

      • PhotoTex Blockout Textile Wall film (Removable) – fine texture PhotoTex is non-toxic, green and phthalates free.  PhotoTex is a patented, adhesive media fabric paper that can be easily placed almost anywhere! 
      • Arlon DPF 206 Fabric Film (Removable) – fine texture
      • Avery MPI 2630 Texture Film – Natural Stucco Effect ( Removable) – medium texture
      • Avery MPI 2630 Texture Film – Pure Canvas Effect (Removable) – medium texture


      22. Can I pick up my order?
      We offer the Pick Up service from our office in Brookvale in Sydney NSW.
      Before finalising your order, you will be offered the options of either Delivery or Pick Up.
      Please note that pick ups are only available on Wednesdays, so it does not necessarily mean you will get your order faster.


      23. What if my order has been damaged on delivery?
      Our products are sent out in tubes, so they can get damaged in transit.
      Please check the parcel before you sign or accept from a courier, to make sure it is not damaged, and it is sealed. 
      If the parcel is damage, please take a photo of the parcel before opening it. This  may mean that the product inside may also be damaged (please also take a photo of the damaged product), then we have proof that it was caused in transit and we will replace with a new one for you.


      24. What if my order has been lost during shipping?
      Every order has its tracking number, if you believe your order has been lost during the shipping process, we will help you to investigate the issue. Lost items is usually the responsibility of the carrier, however we will assist you through the process as the best as we can. Also, most courier companies do not leave good unattended. In most cases, they leave a “Calling Card” for you to pickup at your nearest post office. 


      25. How long does it take to receive my order?
      All our products are made to order.
      We strive to get it done as quick as we can and have it dispatched to you ASAP. It may take up to 4 days to conclude and have the order dispatched to you. Other cases may vary, especially for custom designs. We prefer to say 4-5 working days to print, pack and send, but in most cases it happen earlier than that. 
      For shipping time, it may vary as it depends on courier, service chosen and delivery location.
      Please see below a table with standard times for delivery in Australia. 


      26. Are the colour seen on screen accurate?
      The colours of printed wallpaper or sticker can vary than what you see on screen. This is because of each monitor configuration, however, it should be minimal. If you have any specific concern about colour matching, we can send you a sample for $5. This cost of $5 is redeemable on placing your order, so it will be taken off your order value when you place it. 


      27. Colour variation between prints
      All our printers go thought regular cleaning cycles, so there could be a colour variation between samples and actual order you receive. This can also happen when you order an extra panel after the first order. due a mistake in your wall measurement or damage when installing.
      As our printers go through regular cleaning cycles, please note that there can be colour variances between samples and the actual order you receive. This is also applicable if you need to order an additional paper due to a mistake in your wall measurements.


      28. Do you provide a CUSTOM DESIGNS and WALL MURALS service?
      We can create various types of custom designs, like decals (cut out shapes), logos (for businesses), text (your favourite quote for example), or wall murals or wallpaper.

      They are all supplied on the same, high quality fabric ensuring a high-end look and Landlord approved friendliness!

      If you know the dimensions of what you want (this is easy for wall murals but can be tricky for text), you can get an instant quote by choosing what type of product you want on this page.

      Once you’ve place your order, we set up your design and send a first proof within 2 days – we need your sign-off on your design before we print it.

       This design process occurs via email, and we will make as many adjustments as you need until you are happy.

      Once you sign off, we need 6 business days to print and prepare it for postage, plus shipping time.  Sometimes we can do this quicker, and sometimes we have delays because printing something for the first time is not always easy.

      Your product will sent rolled up in a tube with instructions included. If your design is intricate, it will come with a layer over the top to make placement quick and perfect. See here in the photo.

      Custom wallpapers and murals will be supplied in 65cm wide panels by your wall height, and numbered on the back to make installation achievable by one person with minimal confusion.


      29. How fast can I get my order?
      If you need your product by a particular date, please check with us before placing your order. Our normal lead time is 5 business days from payment date. Then if you are customising a product, this will extend this time further.

      Shipping time is in addition to the above number of days. Shipping time estimates can be seen below. To avoid delays pay by credit card or Paypal and choose the fastest shipping option.

      The below table provides a guide on how long it will take your order to arrive after we dispatch it.

      Shipping option Normal time until you receive your order
      Standard delivery – Australia
      • Sydney:  5 business days
      • Other capital cities and rural NSW: 6 business days
      • Other rural locations: 7 business days
      Express post – Australia
      • Capital cities and locations within the Express Post Network:  1 business day
      • Other locations:  2 business days
      Standard delivery – International
      • 7 to 14 business days depending on country
      Express post – International
      • 7 to 11 business days depending on country


      30. Can you create my designs as a wall sticker or wallpaper?
      Yes we can!  We can turn any design, logo or idea into a removable wall sticker or wallpaper. If it is your logo or similar, we will need the file in a vector format – this is a file you would get from the graphic designer and is often in a EPS, AI or PDF file.

      For an instant price and to place an order, please enter your dimensions for a custom decal here, custom text here, or a custom wallpaper here.  Enter any supporting information and upload any images, and we’ll be in contact with your first proof.  We will not print until we have your sign off.

      The product is easy to apply with a special layer over the top that makes placement perfect and quick.  They are easily removed and won’t damage the wall or leave any residue.


      31. How do I know if I have copyright or not?
      One of the most frustrating things - you find an image you love to create your dream removable wall mural.  But then The Wall Sticker Company says you can’t use that image unless you have the copyright to reproduce this!

      We found this amazing guide at youthedesigner.com that explains it all.  Start from the left and work through to the right hand side. Click to enlarge.

      For any further questions, please contact us!


      32. Where can I source images from?

      Source images from the sites listed below.  Some images will cost and some are free.  You can source an images from a few different places.  Choose the largest image size (usually in inches or pixels), or in “v” for vector format.

      List all websites we decide can be listed (NOT THE FREE ONES)


      33. How much will a Custom Design cost?
      Define the cost for custom design for the question.
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