Who are we?

At Stickers Factory we are dedicated to bring really cool and customised designs for kids wall stickers, wall murals, car stickers and some other really cool ideas to transform our kid's room. We all want the best for our kids, as parents, we know that at their early stage of life, we dream about giving our children the best, so this is what drives us to offer our products.

We are in Sydney, Australia. And our fabric removable stickers are all printed and packed in-house. 

Stickers Factory itself is powered by Beyond Printing, our other business dedicated to large format printing, signage and promotional products. Being professionals in this industry, we have gathered great knowledge about walls, different medias, wall texture, graphic sizes, customised designs and of course installation expertise.

Wall stickers and decoration nowadays is such a unique thing to do, customising walls either at home or work is becoming a necessary part of many contemporary decor items. Everyone has a different name for them from wall decals to wallpops, murals, but we like to call them wall stickers.

Unfortunately we cannot offer installation services across Australia, but on the other hand we believe this is a fun time to spend with your little one or your own. We know that some stickers may be a little tricky to install, so that's why we are happy to guide you all the way through, so you have fun installing them, and surely proudly admire your great achievement afterwards.

If you have any questions, regarding our designs, material or anything else, please contact us and we will be very happy to assist you.

We hope you have fun a great experience with us!


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