Solar System Wall Stickers


Go out of this world with these fun solar system stickers. Designed in separated pieces, they are very easy to install. You can style them any way you like, as a strip, clustered together or as seperate pieces. So simple and easy to handle and install on most types of walls. Perfect to decorate your kid's room or perhaps the kid's play room too.

  • Material: Removable matte fabric, with an adhesive on the back.
  • Contents: 5x Large square prints & 16x Small square prints. 
  • Colours: This set comes in those colours displayed.
  • Custom it: If you would like to customise it, such as adding a name on it for example, it's simple. Just contact us and we can assist you with that.
  • Application: Simply peel and place it gently on the wall. Our removable wall stickers are very easy to install. For more information, please click here.
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